The Indescribable Feeling.

Here's discerning entertainment for the empathic viewer.


I enjoy absorbing content and information, especially when it’s tailored to my interests. The idea that we all enjoy the same content is laughable, however, it isn’t far from the truth. Although we are individually experiencing our own realities the collective consciousness of our behaviours can be seen as identical.


Fueling into a Consuming Mentality.

is it possible that progress and performance have steered us into a consumer mentality instead of a contributor mentality?

I'm privileged to be a father of three extraordinary new beings. I make them a priority and shape them as they grow. I notice how my children absorb the world around them and make sense of it as they learn. There is such beauty in the way they adapt creatively. You can feel time stand still in those moments as they transform a little each day. There’s a peaceful flow to their progress that’s being shaped through their experiences. As they get older, I see how they reflect the experiences they find rewarding and how they add value to them.

As human beings, we naturally want to repeat the good things we experience.

There is a certain comfort that develops in progress through performance as we learn to do things better and more efficiently to move towards our ideas of growth in a world that values growth. Every year we raise the bar in all aspects of our lives. This for me is consumption as it is consuming in its relentless pursuit.

Human Beings not Human Doings

As online creatives, we are growing to find a fine balance between empathy and technology in a world where companies over-explain.

If the digital world created a feeling that viewers have experienced before, then that’s a feeling unexplained and worth watching.

Listen to learn, and you’ll adapt to share into an experience and create a feeling that cannot describe itself through words but only felt through emotions.

To empathise through soundscapes is a science we have all been trying to master over the past years, and we have finally found the correct way to describe that indescribable feeling.

It’s a smart communication tool.

It does not trade from device to device, but from human to heartbeat. It is a humankind feeling and has the power of simplicity to illuminate the world to connect to one another.

We are human beings who feel and react instead of just reacting to action and doing.

To sell a way of communicating with one another through a transactional relationship is far stronger and worth your time than selling a desire to want something.

Share a Message, Not a Product.

Words are stronger than any consumed product, they attach themselves onto our emotions and last longer than an instant swipe at a card.

In a world where companies over-explain, our natural emotions of being human are instantly ignored and dismissed. Sharing a message begins with the process to listen and understand what the culture is around an ideal mindset. How we as brands are moving and reacting is a focused representation of the current times.

We need to explain something our viewers can relate to.

Share a Story, Not a Business.

Shaping a digital experience for a brand is like directing your audience towards the final match point of a sporting event and letting them score the point.

We’re focusing on what’s happening in the audience, and what they are feeling and experiencing.

It’s not only the audience who needs to feel something alive and emotional, it’s our clients.

SuperSport, Bucket Culture, Premier Bet etc, extract your devotion to their sport and ask us to serve more than just a delivery, but a human insight that is relatable, emotional and creates an indescribable feeling to it.

Allowing you to feel something that you cannot explain to someone else, that is the level we are scoping into in order to be more personal to our audience. We are creating artwork masterpieces that bring you to a place when we can’t physically be together.

Our values and beliefs help us understand how to play the game and offer something out of this world in the most simplistic way and in your very own homes, on a digital screen.

We are here to share a message, not a product, to share a story, not a business, and a story that a viewer can reflect on and see in themselves.

It’s the indescribable feeling of understanding more than just what someone wants.