Giant Colour
UI/UX & Branding

We partnered with Giant Colour in the UK to creatively reshape the next chapter for their brand.

The challenge was to direct their brand identity into a shape that unified their purpose for the future of printing. Looking into three visual attributors, we incorporated distinct custom designs that left a vibrant colour trail behind us.


Logo & Font Refresh

The logo is a symbol of strength and assurance. We added character to craft a more immediate and accessible feel. Giant Colours newly refreshed typeface realigned the online experience and brought in a sophisticated look being the key to a bigger brand impact in the printing industry.


New Brand Colours


Website Design

A well-read and sophisticated visual system contributed to the culture and taste of the brand. This online experience, crafted and characterised by its new vibrant, energetic and fresh colour palette, transported the viewers into a new world of seeing something.

Giant Colours custom designed quote calculator assists in defining a digital and modular experience that is an interpretation of modernity. This refined premium brand system is a reflection into the company's size, style and culture, and envisions a space for an online brand presence to thrive through productivity.

Our creative contribution for Giant Colour, is creatively shaping them into the future of printing.


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