Quite Franckly,
we’re being more human

We're not just a production agency, we're human connections in a digital world.
I'm Grant Franck, and this is my vision.


Becoming human again

I’ve discovered freedom and peace in my ability to create. This gift to see life through a design-orientated lens is how I spend time creating a space for humans and big ideas to grow together. I call this space Quite Franckly.

Quite Franckly, my brand is not just about me. It’s about a bunch of brilliant people who are talented, genius and wonderful to work with. And while we are not going to profess to save you, or the world, we do promise, that, through our creativity, passion and personalised approach, we will touch the lives of not just a few, but many, and imprint a lasting impression.


Technically speaking

Google the word creative and it will spew out definitions of “solving a problem in a new way; changing perspective; taking risks and ignoring doubt and facing fears”.

While the word creative does embrace a large part our company’s persona, it by no means defines it. In 2012 I embarked on a treacherous journey to discover the essence of service excellence across our branding and content creation, video production and film, and VFX and animation offering.



Let me introduce myself. I am Grant Franck and I started www.QuiteFranckly.com in the hope that I would create something bespoke that would persuade, change and influence lives in a positive, uplifting and mutually beneficial way. In line with this, I have been strategically collaborating with like-minded agencies, production houses and studios for over 15 years. I perceive each project as an opportunity to build new relationships, establish a voice and empower a portfolio of beautifully polished imagery that cuts through the clutter of the “trending visual narrative” that dominates the world of social media.


Super-unicornWAT team

Our team can best be compared to a creative SWAT unit, trained to work under abnormally extreme pressure, especially on tight deadlines, in which creativity seems almost impossible. From the outset, our “super-unicorn” visionaries begin to innovate, shape and mould creativity on multiple platforms. With an unrelenting obsession for technology and artistry, we mine the very best creative talents and tools suited to a project’s needs. Complemented by a host of award-winning directors, designers, VFX artists, CG generalists, creative directors, editors, strategists, content realtors, illustrators, creative thinkers, animators, and all-round great folk in our network, we continuously produce relevant and engaging work that not only exceeds client expectations, but leaves a lasting and influential impression in the mind of the consumer that ultimately shifts their perspective. In a nut-shell, we future-proof design by seeking out the best insights, strategies and platforms to create solutions that are as impactful as they are visually striking.


Treasure hunting

The relationships we have with our clients can best be described as a fantastical treasure hunt. We know that there is something special to discover while we both journey towards that creative token, AKA big idea. We’re currently journeying with a few beautiful creatures that include the NYU, Abu Dhabi as well Bet.co.za.

Along our adventures we have found a Gold Promax Award for outstanding design in a promotion for SuperSport as well as two Bronze Promax statues for visual effects and compositing for the DSTv Batman promotion.


Purpose vs process

Quite Franckly, we believe we make a more significant difference through our character and attitude, far more than talents and technology. Although businesses are primarily built to showcase progress and performance, we have a responsibility to serve one another to our best ability. As we steam-roll into the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, ‘big idea’ thinking and technology are essential tools for people and their goals. Clients want and demand more than just pretty pictures. Our hope is to create purpose-driven, strategic solutions that impact people’s lives in a meaningful way.

By bringing together the best of agency expertise and production excellence, we work hard to master bespoke imagery that is relevant and unique to our clients; and crafted to embrace their key essence and persona.

We would love to journey with you and find that HUMAN gold nugget of an idea that impacts the lives of others in a meaningful and relevant way. We have now opened our doors in Cape Town, and look forward to welcoming even more sea/C into our Quite Franckly showreel.