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This is How We’re Creatively Reshaping Your Brand and Our Own.

Enough with the articles, just show us your dance moves.

Information without purpose can only be a distraction. In this article, I’m going to share what we’re up to at Quite Franckly and how we're creatively shaping brands with a renewed purpose. We will show you crafted imagery that cuts through the clutter of the “trending visual narrative”, which we find dominating the world of social media, to offer colour shape and purpose to your vision.

We are Quite Franckly, an online creative agency.


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Let Me Introduce Myself.

I am Grant Franck, owner and creative at Quite franckly.

I wanted to create something bespoke that would persuade, change and influence lives in a positive, uplifting and meaningful way. I have been collaborating with like-minded agencies, production houses and studios for over 15 years, and together we have opened the opportunity to build relationships and real connections.

Im big into communication and a real connection is something that becomes experienced on many levels. Something the consumer feels, connecting your vision to a heartbeat, consumers to your brand and connecting the right people to the right job.

This is how I’m creatively shaping brands.

Moving From a Production Studio to an Online Creative Agency.

2020 has been a period for reflection and redefinition.

I've experienced people facing fear and uncertainty and ultimately this has affected the way in which they communicate with their audience. During this transformation, there has been a call to help Brands and Businesses adapt. We have identified creatively how we can participate by reshaping our services as an online platform.  This has helped our clients communicate more fluidly and in many more ways than just production.

“We have worked closely with Quite Franckly for four years across brand, advertising, and ongoing design.

The Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi reinvents its image every year for the upcoming season of performing arts. The team at Quite Franckly have always risen to the challenge, outdoing themselves every time. The depth of the creative work and their tireless pursuit of perfection in crafting the perfect message and visuals for our brand has kept our image fresh and dynamic. Our work is fast-paced and has high volumes, their attention to detail never fails and their team are awesome to work with” - Clive Primrose, Director of Marketing the Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi.

Online Experience for The Arts Centre Season 6
Online Experience for The Arts Centre Season 6

“Together with Quite Franckly, we have developed an exciting new brand for bet.co.za that vibrates with the energy of what it means to be a sports bettor and fanatic. From concept through to execution, Quite Franckly has been a collaborative partner that has a clear understanding of the bigger picture of how a brand can drive connection and engagement. The end result is bold, beautiful and undoubtedly bet.co.za. We can’t ask for much more than that.” - Brenton Chelin, CMO bet.co.za.

We problem-solve, we communicate.

Moving from a production studio to an online agency meant becoming more accessible to our client’s needs.

We now offer production of social and digital formats that include UI/UX Design, Motion Graphics, Live Action & VFX, Branded Content & Illustration, 3D animation and 2D Animation.

3D Logo Build for New Bet Vegas TVC
3D Logo Build for New Bet Vegas TVC

To keep communication fluid we introduced our toolkit which naturally fell into place, keeping that real connection with our clients, sustainable, open, honest and direct.

Vision = Process.

Our identity is defined by our purpose and overall vision to creatively shape the world we live in. We are a company of meek characters with a positive attitude. We don’t only rely on talent and technology but focus on culture and communication through relationships.

We believe we are here to serve and participate in the bigger picture. To listen, identify, shape, create, produce and share an idea is a mastering tool of communication.

These six steps have grown the foundation of our wonderful Tool Kit, moulding us into an agency that forms connections and real conversations.

Today businesses are built to showcase progress and performance, however, we have a responsibility to serve one another to our best ability. As we steam-roll into the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, ‘big idea’ thinking and technology are essential tools for people and their goals, but…

clients want and demand more than just pretty pictures.

By bringing together the best of agency expertise and production excellence, we work hard to master bespoke imagery that is relevant and unique to our client’s essence and persona.

This relationship with our clients we title “A Fantastical Treasure Hunt”. We know that there is something special to discover and the determination to get there is live and real. We are journeying with a few beautiful brands that include.

Each client with their unique Tool Kit and communication experience.

Share it.

We’ve built this Toolkit to journey with you and find that HUMAN gold nugget of an idea that affects the lives of others meaningfully. We have now opened our doors in Cape Town and look forward to welcoming more sea/C into our Quite Franckly showreel.

Startup a conversation with us and introduce yourselves.

Connect with us [email protected]


Character Design for EF Kids & Teens New Brand Identity
Character Design for EF Kids & Teens New Brand Identity