Transforming Narrative.

We’re Quite Franckly a creative production studio that breathes life into a narrative using design and animation. Rooted in Cape Town South Africa we provide clarity of purpose for creatives, businesses & brands. We use colour, shape, design, sound, and motion to encourage their transformation.

Transformation that is a marked change in a state of form, nature, or appearance.  Narrative is a visual, spoken or written account of connected events; a story. Our stories are always changing but the messages remain the same. We want to feel loved, purposed and valued. Quite Franckly is exploring mediums through motion and technologhies to connect messages between people.In a world built on data, progress and performance we create the spaces between that capture the essance of a well rounded position.

Im Grant Franck founder and Art/Creative Director at Quite Franckly. As a child of the colour-filled, neon drenched decade that was the 80s, I fell in love with television, movement, and visual motion. This visual dream inevitably led me to studying Art and multimedia at the Tshwane University of Technology, before moving on to become a creative director and motion designer.



Connect + Resonate = Culture.

Our creativity impacts culture and resonates with an audience. We are modular and flexible in our workflows to integrate with production teams globally. Our studio energises the creative process. We want to develop measurable and sustained growth that includes writers, designers, directors, producers, technologists, 3D artists, illustrators, and animators in our productions. We are building meaningful relationships that transform the world around them.



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Our approach is sustainable as we help businesses increase revenue, expand brand awareness, and build better communities. Your story doesn’t have to stay the same. We can transform you.


We’ve worked with Quite Franckly for 4 years across brand, advertising, and ongoing design.

The Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi reinvents our image every year for the upcoming season of performing arts. The team at Quite Franckly have always risen to the challenge, outdoing themselves every time. The depth of the creative work and their tireless pursuit of perfection in crafting the perfect message and visuals for our brand have kept our image fresh and dynamic.

Our work is fast-paced and has high volumes, their attention to detail never fails and their team are awesome to work with.

Clive Primrose, Director of Marketing | The Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi

Together with Quite Franckly, we have developed an exciting new brand for that vibrates with the energy of what it means to be a sports bettor and fanatic. From concept through to execution, Quite Franckly has been a collaborative partner that has a clear understanding of the bigger picture of how a brand can drive connection and engagement. The end result is bold, beautiful and undoubtedly We can’t ask for much more than that.

Brenton Chelin, CMO |

Working with the Quite Franckly Team has really brought Meaningful Me to life. Grant’s energy is contagious and the way he connects with the young designers is inspiring. You can tell his heart is in it and his insights have the ability to be life changing. Lize-Marie’s designs have infused our sessions with life through colour and energetic design elements that draw the viewer into the content. Jess has been a backbone of organisation and structure to keep things moving so we’re able to provide as much support as possible all along the way. It’s been a gift to dive into the content with the team and I’m excited to see what else we can do together.

Steph Nachemja-Bunton, Co-Founder, CPO | Meaningful Gigs.