Motion Graphic Explainer Animation


In order to gather the best minds in the age tech field, AARP invited us to create a captivating animated invitation that would inspire investors, disruptive start-ups, and creative testbeds to join their new platform, The Age Tech Collaborative.

AARP - Agetech Collaborative - Animation_01132
AARP - Agetech Collaborative - Animation_01303
AARP - Agetech Collaborative - Animation_01359


We created a disruptive and uplifting transformation narrative for AARP. The motion-designed and 2D narrative easily identifies as a leader in the age tech field. Brand-inspired shapes transform to create spaces for innovation and sustainable impact. The combined shapes in motion and audio were used to stimulate the applicants' conversations so that together they could change, influence, and inspire community growth. The animated elements allow viewers to receive information in an engaging, exciting, and abstract way.

AARP - Agetech Collaborative - Animation_00031
AARP - Agetech Collaborative - Animation_00961


With the help of shape driven animation, AARP joins up with the best minds in age tech to tackle important issues facing our community.

AARP - Agetech Collaborative - Animation_02154
AARP - Agetech Collaborative - Animation_01441
AARP - Agetech Collaborative - Animation_02119

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