Branding Design & Illustration

The Angelic Effect

Quite Franckly collaborated with Aynjil, a lifelong insurance company that focuses on cancer cover only.Their product is put in place to ease the impact that cancer carries into your lifestyle by sitting on top of existing medical aid.

The brand approached Quite Franckly with a rather complicated phonetic spelling of the word “Angel”. It was our challenge to make sure that their audience wouldn’t struggle to understand the phonetic spelling, so we helped them resonate with it by explaining what Aynjil meant.

The simple yet relatable halo symbol, that subtly hovers above the triangular A, leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind they are in fact reading and pronouncing the word Angel.

Once the design elements were in place we introduce fresh tones. Using the oval shape from the halo to distribute the colours in large and small sizes the look and feel of an intelligent and young at heart brand came together.

The logo and the branding together designed a warm, pleasing and inviting feeling that set up safe place for cancer patients to come and be looked after by an ‘Aynjil’


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