Bucket Culture

3D Visualisation & Simulation

Bucket Culture, an online basketball culture apparel store in the United States, commissioned a 3D motion design brand and product ad animation to showcase its products in a dynamic and visually appealing manner. The animation was created using a combination of Houdini and Maxon Cinema 4D, two industry-leading software programs.

The animation process began with the use of Houdini to simulate the clothing’s movement and behavior, making sure that it appeared natural and believable. This was achieved by carefully animating and simulating the clothing, taking into account how it would behave in real life.

The animation was then taken into Maxon Cinema 4D, where lighting, texturing, and final animation touches were added. In Cinema 4D, the lighting was meticulously crafted to enhance the 3D forms of the clothing and bring out the details in the texturing. The animation was then rendered and polished to create a seamless final product.

The result is a visually stunning representation of Bucket Culture’s products that speaks directly to its target market. This dynamic brand narrative elevates Bucket Culture and its products, showcasing them in a unique and unforgettable way

Production: Quite Franckly  |  Audio: One Nation Studio