DStv Explora_Pull_5

DSTV Connected Explorer

Push & Pull Motion Idents.


Birthmark invited us to direct and edit push and pull channel branding for DSTV that would use footage, type, and punchy, seamless motion edits to attract, engage and educate their viewers on the product.

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DStv Explora_Pull_6


Dynamic motion design that can be used in a template-like, non-destructive way when changing the text. Our designs are exciting. They're attracting the viewers in a visually appealing way through their effortless movements. The movement is punchy and transformative as the shapes interact with new elements. The animated elements represent key touch-points on the script which connect and engage the viewer to receive new information.  

DStv Explora_Pull_19
DStv Explora_Pull_11
DStv Explora_Pull_13
DStv Explora_Pull_16
DStv Explora_Pull_10


The connected explorer is presents itself in a colourful, punchy, and memorable way.

DStv Explora_Pull_4

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