Transforming Narratives. We are a Cape Town based design, animation and technology studio. Shaping concepts, stories and experiences that resonate with audiences globally.

Quite Franckly is founded by Grant Franck to offer a variety of assistance with your project needs, ranging from creative direction, motion graphics, VFX, concept/digital art, Ai art, illustration, animation, through directorial services.
We’re making design and motion easier and more accessible by simplifying complex processes to create clear visual messages. Our processes are open, honest and direct and our team is excellent at what they do. We’re enthusiastic, optimistic and have an abundance mindset and a love for life. Our artists share similar service values and our studio has a healthy sustainable work ethic that is kind, considerate and helpful. 
We draw inspiration through relationship, art, design, nature and technical problem solving. This enables meaningful narratives, mesmeric motion and inspiring aesthetics.
With playful transformation and experimentation at its core, we’ve created visuals, stories and experiences that connect and resonate with artists, brands and technology. Our client list spans a wide collection of industries from product and brand design, commercial/corporate marketing, print media, social media content, television, to feature films. Please contact us at [email protected] to further inquire about our creative services and scheduling availability.


We are ordinary folk cultivating imagery that connects and resonates with our clients in meaningful way. Our creative is guided by our core values and driven by our bold vision. Our visionary studio is small and agile and easily adapts to build teams that are integrated and flexible. We believe in the transformative power of shared experiences and constantly seek to challenge the mundane through our collective imaginations. 

Design in Motion

Our award-winning creative studio, located in Cape Town, is known for its innovative approach to digital animation and design, which enables us to create stories and experiences that establish meaningful connections between artists, brands, technology, and entertainment. To achieve this, we follow a unique, phase-based design process that is tailored to each client’s needs and target audience. We begin by exploring the creative aspects of our clients’ needs and understanding the pain points and potential benefits for the target audience before creating a transformative campaign that culminates in delivery. Our approach allows us to harness the power of storytelling and its emotional impact on individuals within social contexts.


At the core of our work is a consideration of the impact our relationships have on connecting artists to sustainable and meaningful opportunities. As artists, directors, and producers, we understand that our abilities go beyond just the hard skills required in the industry. We focus on developing soft skills through global collaboration. Our studio is located in Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa, at the forefront of transformation. Through our collective imaginations, we are constantly challenging the ordinary and discovering new ways of thinking. Join us and drop a link to your portfolio. We’d love to see what you’re up to.

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