Film & Video

Immersive Film and Video Production in Cape Town.

Created for Clients Around the World From our Creative Studio in Muizenberg.

We live in a world where brands are seeking deeper emotional connections with their customers. With video & film, you can connect with your audience in a way that no other medium can.

The film & video industry is exploding as demands for quality content increases. We specialize in storytelling and visual communication - shooting and creating with industry-leading Producers, Directors, and Cinematographers.

We live behind the scenes in post-production creating, storyboards, VFX, title sequences, editing, and colour grading. Technology has changed the way we view heavy streams of content and we are at the forefront of delivering meaningful messages that shape the world we live in.

As a team, we run with it all.

Video Production Services

From pre-production to post-production. We’re setting up the scenes, getting the right shots and making sure your audience stays captured. Corporate Video Production is simple from the beginning to the end and we’ve been introducing motion design to find a fine and elegant balance between footage and graphic elements in ways that dance together. We work with tight budgets, timelines and tight expectations to tell your story in the most effective way.

Video Editing & Colour Grading:

Grading footage is an art process on it’s own. A technique used to create film that is consistent and neat needs the tools from a creative who understands the industry expectations. Taking the footage into an offline edit is our dance. Our styles are smooth and brand relative, making sure only the right hues are being balanced to bring your footage to life.

Soundtrack/Music Sourcing and Voice Overs:

Our team loves to collaborate, especially with the best local talent we can find. Our external audio and SFX team always provides us with intense, heart-pounding, emotion-grabbing and out of this world audio pieces. Our soundtracks travel with you, whether it be to places you’ve been before, or where you intend to go. There’s always something good in every mix that blends well at the end with a voiceover.

Capture the Attention of New Audiences
with High Value Video Content.