Kappa Bash & Footgear

Motion Design & Cell Animation

Frame by frame by frame we teamed up with South Africas best to shape a new narrative for Kappa Bash Footwear. Working alongside the fabulous @iamcreativza and the famous Insta family @neodejenero, @olwe2lesh & @leshabaneboys we found our rhythm through illustration. The detailed process included multiple frame by fame hand illustrated characters animated in traditional cell animation style. We teamed out with a few Legends in the 2d animation and cell animation industry to produce an animated product that elevates the Kappa Bash Narrative to whole new level!


Client: Footgear & Kappa
Agency: Iamcreative
Production: QuiteFranckly
Creative & Design Director:
Grant Franck
Lucy Wiles
Leon Van Vreden
Animation Directors:
Tim Argall
Grant Franck
Lead animators:
Ric Capecchi
Ernst du Plessis
Sifiso Motaung
Claire Bowden
Grant Franck
In betweens & clean-up
Tiaan Truter
Kathryn Marincowitz
Shadows and highlights:
Jasmine Hawkins
Audio Design: