Iconic 3d Logo Build for Metatron Productions.

We had the opportunity to collaborate with Metatron Production, a highly respected film production company located in Dubai, to create a captivating 3D logo build. Our team paid close attention to every detail during the rigging and modeling phase to ensure a flawless and realistic appearance. We utilised Blender to rig and model the logo, producing a high-quality model that was ready for texturing and lighting.

During the lighting and texturing stage, we employed gold textures to add depth and character to the logo, emphasising the persona and weight of Metatron Production’s brand. We manipulated light levels, direction, and brightness, and integrated various light sources such as natural sunlight or artificial indoor lighting, to generate dynamic flow and produce dramatic effects that accentuated specific features while muting others.

The transformation happens in motion when we brought the logo to life with cinematic movement and storytelling using Cinema 4D. By thoughtfully planning camera movements around specific points within the model, we delivered multiple perspectives that highlighted graphical details, making the logo visually impressive.

Through compositing, we seamlessly combined all the elements to create a visually striking and cohesive piece. We crafted the composition and design meticulously to direct viewers’ attention towards the most significant aspects of the logo. This allowed us to merge multiple elements, such as textured materials or graphic images, within one model, creating a layered effect that distinguished it from other logos with similar designs.

Lastly, grading provided the final touch to create a unified look while ensuring speedy delivery without sacrificing quality.


Our team managed every stage of the project with proficiency, resulting in a rapid turnaround for an iconic 3D logo build for Metatron Production. If you’re searching for a team that can handle all aspects of 3D production with a sharp eye for detail, cinematic movement, and storytelling, then Quite Franckly is the team you’re looking for!