AR5G & AR4G Key Visuals

I am thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration between Quite Franckly, MeaningFul Gigs, Arcadia, and Orange 5G Lens in the realm of augmented reality (AR) on Snapchat! This remarkable partnership signifies a significant milestone as we introduce a new era of storytelling, offering an enchanting and immersive experience of the timeless tale of Notre Dame de Paris.


As many of you may remember, in 2019, a devastating fire engulfed Notre-Dame de Paris, one of the world’s most iconic and instantly recognisable cathedrals. The fire caused extensive damage and partial collapse, leaving the world in shock. Since then, immense efforts have been dedicated to restoring this magnificent architectural masterpiece. Initially aiming to complete the restoration by the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics, the complexity of the process has led to a revised estimate of 20 to 40 years for the complete rebuilding of Notre-Dame de Paris.


To support the reconstruction of this historic cathedral and convey its profound symbolism, Snap and Orange have developed cutting-edge augmented reality technology powered by 5G. This revolutionary AR technology enables us to visualise the restoration process, allowing users to virtually witness the rebuilding of Notre-Dame de Paris and comprehend its historical and architectural significance. Leveraging the seamless and real-time connectivity of 5G, this AR experience offers an unparalleled educational and immersive journey.


In this endeavor, Quite Franckly played a crucial role in the marketing of the key visuals for the AR 5G and AR 4G Lenses. These key visuals serve as vital elements in educating people about the cathedral’s rich history, explaining the restoration process, and raising awareness about the ongoing efforts. By incorporating these visuals into the AR experience, users can develop a deeper understanding of the cathedral’s significance and gain insights into the intricacies of its restoration.


Snap and Orange, through their innovative use of 5G-enabled AR technology, are making a significant contribution to the restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris. By offering an immersive and educational experience, they are captivating a wider audience and garnering support for the ongoing restoration endeavors. This innovative approach not only helps preserve the historical and cultural heritage associated with the cathedral but also raises awareness about the restoration efforts.


Today marks a momentous occasion as we embark on this incredible journey of using AR technology to bring Notre-Dame de Paris back to life. Join us in this transformative storytelling experience and become a part of the legacy that transcends time.

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