Palimpsest Artist Book

"Magnetic fields of opposing charges — movement against static, a dusty palate, a neon splash, tension and release, the Palimpsest photographs are densely layered and inhabit spaces between abstraction and figuration."
- Artist Statement : Wendy Bednarz

Inspired by the above, we recreated the layers of the distressed filter that Wendy used to create the haunting images of The Palimpsest Series. We did this by implementing layers of texture, text and colour on sheets of tissue and transparency paper throughout the artist book.

In the true spirit of the word "palimpsest", each turn of a page added a new layer to the page before, altering it, but still bearing visible traces of its earlier form.

Palimpsest 6
Palimpsest 5
Palimpsest 7 copy
Palimpsest 19 copy
Palimpsest 17
Palimpsest 2
Palimpsest 20 copy
Palimpsest 21 copy
Palimpsest 1
Palimpsest 22
Palimpsest 8
Palimpsest 9
Palimpsest 12 copy
Palimpsest 14
Palimpsest 15
Palimpsest 24 copy
Palimpsest 16 copy

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