NYU Abu Dhabi – Robot House Party
Branding Design & Illustration

We enjoy a good 80’s sci fi as much as you do and when we got the opportunity to get our automat on, we got plugged in and uploaded our collective imagination to envision something totally interstellar for NYUAD Kid koala’s event.

The brief was to create an informative ad campaign for Kid koala’s latest online gig at the NYUAD Arts Center in Abu Dhabi.



Childlike Creativity

Our creation process was playful and inventive. We may have laughed a bit more than we created at first. The idea was quite simply to create a modular and dynamic communication toolkit for this particular event at the NYUAD Arts campus.


The Robots

Say hello to Megawhisk 2000, Aquabot and four other robots that have transformed overnight into your own fantastic avatar.


Event Posters

In the same way that our audience would invent their intergalactic wonder bot we borrowed our interchangeable structure from Exquisite Corpse. This allowed each originally designed robot to destruct and transform into their own Megawhisk 2000. Each bot would be created as a DIY home toolkit. We want the illustrations to capture your imagination while offering a few ideas. The creations included DIY ideas from every bedroom in the house.


DIY Guide to Robot Building


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