NYU Abu Dhabi – The Arts Center Rebrand
Branding Design & Illustration

Welcome to season six of The Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi.

A place where experience creates a community and where distances are shortened through the regrouping of family and friends at the point of creativity.

With the global pandemic currently taking place, nothing was normal, and creativity needed to happen fast. The Arts center decided to take a few steps back and reshape themselves into their audience and engage with them across the distances that they were currently experiencing. The arts center is not only a home for performing arts, they have become a bridge that links, connects, joins and spans curiosity with inspiration, the UAE with the Capital, the UAE with global audiences, Local with international talent and cultures with disciplines.


A Bridge

We went through a process of deconstructing in order to design and shape a visual narrative that showed off the Arts Centre being more than a bridging connection but also, a relationship that is strong and robust, connecting cities, people, countries, continents and cultures through online visually attractive communication pieces. Building bridges is an age-old art and we were inspired to choose an older - almost vintage colour scheme to reflect this.

Recycled shapes from previous seasons were introduced into this seasons design. We used colour and the deconstructed shapes to show off the diversity of people, arts and genres coming together to share a journey in a way that reflected the strong concrete form of the bridge. The iconic Sheikh Zayed Bridge connecting the city of Abu Dhabi to the UAE has been used as a hero representative for their new seasons concept.


Virtual Catalogue

The bridging graphic that was creatively designed was used to fill the gap of communicating across an online platform, one strong visual to identify. We deconstructed the original graphic shape and used it to link the information across a page, using the colours to sow the bridge together.


Event Collateral

A strong creative direction was used to dive into our Event Collaterals. Pulling through a consistent design direction from our graphic and Virtual catalogue we were able to create A3 posters which bridged important information together. These posters were taken into animation to create an interactive design element where our audience could see the bridging concept come to life.


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