3D Branding & Animation

Vix Plus - World’s first Spanish-language streaming service.

3D Branding & Animation 

VIX, Interbrand and Meaningful Gigs team up with Quite Franckly to create a brand for VIX and VIX Plus, a bold new streaming platform that smashes expectations starting with a 3d logo build.

Quite Franckly created a brand narrative that connects and resonates with a Spanish audience. The colour orange and the gradients within the spectrum invoke a sense of natural lighting and mood. We worked on the brand logo reveal and 3d application. The glass infused world of light & multiple glass screens captures the networks narrative of “more”. The direction of the motion brings life to brand and activates the content. We found a narrative that relays depth through the brands flat orange colour palate using the logo and shapes that reflect and suggest the logos space and design. The shapes are dynamic and modular allowing them to move seamlessly between narratives. The visual experience is immersive and you are close to to the lights and colours. The idea is that your eyeballs will feel like they are seeing fire for the first time.

Motion Design & Direction

Authentic Brand Narrative 

The motion direction is characterised by its expressive, minimalist, fluid, rhythmic and cinematic inspired movement. We are exploring the delicate balance between shape and colour to create imagery that is both engaging and memorable.
There are both 2d and 3d elements that create the visual narrative. We could look at the Plus version remaining in a 3d space with depth and the standard version retiring to flat after showing a glimpse of the 3d edit. Our challenge was to create seamless transitions between both and to create an environment that unifies the brand in both realms.

The new platform, which will offer Spanish-language entertainment, news and sports content from the combined company's programming library, as well as new original shows created specifically for the platform, is now available to all users in the U.S., Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.


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